The Key Experience

The Key Communities are learning communities for first year, second year, and continuing students designed to honor the identities and strengths of each student to foster students transition to and through the University. The Key Communities are one of the most diverse communities on campus, with the majority of students identifying as a student of color and/or first generation to college, who are committed to creating and nurturing inclusive environments that welcome, value and affirm the diverse identities of our students.

Through Key, students have the opportunity to:
Achieve academic excellence
Establish meaningful relationships
Enhance leadership skills
Connect with a diverse community
Engage in personal exploration

Key students participate in a Key Seminar course, which focus on learning through experiences both in and out of the classroom. Key Students will learn how to connect and blend topics from two or more subject areas to learn how to think critically across disciplines. Key students may also connect with service opportunities, career exploration, and leadership development through their Key Seminar experience.

Key students live together on designated residence hall floors*, and enroll in 2-3 of their first semester courses with a smaller group of Key students. Key students also have a Key Mentor to connect with and serve as a guide throughout their experience as a Key Community student at Colorado State University.

*In the past, Key students have been required to live in designated floors within Braiden and Corbett Hall; however, in an effort to support University Housing’s adjustments due to the pandemic, we are unable to guarantee that Key students will be assigned to Braiden or Corbett Hall. At this time, students with a Housing exemption are eligible to apply for the Key Communities.

Classroom Experience