The Key Communities (Key Academic Community, Key Service Community, Key Explore Community, Key Health Professions Community, Key Culture, Communication, and Sport Community, and Key Plus Community) are highly diverse first and second year learning communities designed to assist students with their transition to and through the university. Based on active and experiential learning through interdisciplinary classes, service-learning, academic and career exploration, undergraduate research and leadership development, Key aims to increase retention and academic performance of participants, encourage campus and community involvement, and promote diversity awareness.


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The Key Communities are diverse first and second year learning communities for students committed to academic excellence, leadership development, diversity understanding, service and volunteerism, and community.
Key Culture, Communication, and Sport
Key Culture, Communication, and Sport Community students are dedicated to high standards for academic excellence combined with the support and resources needed for success, an appreciation for diversity, and involvement in campus activities.
Key Plus Communities
The Key Plus Community is an optional sophomore year program with leadership and career decision-making tracks for students who participated in the Key Academic, Key Service, Key Explore in their first year.
Key Health Professions Communities
The Key Health Professions Community is a first-year learning community intentionally focused on the exploration of human and animal health professions fields and academic achievement. In this community, students take advantage of group study opportunities, health professions interest workshops, and opportunities to build connections with faculty, staff and students.
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Key Explore Communities
The Key Explore Community provides undeclared first-year students with the opportunity to explore their majors and academic paths. In this residential learning community students will have a chance to create your own story in order to plan your major, career, and leadership paths.
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Key Service Communities
The Key Service Community is a first-year residential community devoloped around the theme of "student leadership and civic engagement." In this community, students take advantage of year-long service opportunities building connections with faculty and community organizations.
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Key Academic Communities
Academics. Leadership. Community. Diversity. Service. These comprise the values of the Key Academic Community, a first-year residential learning community dedicated to academic excellence, an appreciation for diversity, and campus involvement.
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